After a child is born, a mother has to take more care of her, in order to protect the baby. During this postnatal period, the ligaments which are attached to the uterus of the mother slowly develop back to shape. It is very important for a mother to be very cautious about the diet she follows, medicines she consumes, supplements she takes and the physical hygiene she maintains during the postnatal period. Ayurveda plays a huge role here. From boosting the lactation power to removing any chances of infection, Ayurveda has a lot to offer for mothers of newborns. Some of the medicines of Ayurveda help in good blood circulation and quick development of ligaments of the uterus. So in short, Ayurveda can provide a high amount of postnatal care and that too without side-effects.

Why postnatal Ayurvedic care is beneficial?


Lactation– Ayurveda helps in increasing lactation of mothers. Sometimes some mothers become anemic or have some hormonal problems and cannot lactate enough for the newborns, can take the help of Ayurveda medicines. The doctors recommend such medicines due to no side-effects of such natural medicines.
Belly fat– Post pregnancy, one of the biggest concerns of the new mothers is belly fat. A lot of mothers are also working women, so they need to reduce the belly fat quickly. Ayurveda helps you maintain the daily routine of the mothers in such a way, that the belly fat gets reduced naturally in due course of time. However, two words of caution here. Firstly, Ayurveda doesn’t promise to reduce the extra weight of pregnancy in a week or two weeks. Ayurveda will help in reducing the belly fat in a plausible natural amount of time, unlike other medicines. The best thing about this process is that it involves no unnatural side effects. Secondly, if you wish to switch to an Ayurveda regime, then you should follow it every day strictly, to get the results desired.
Dashmula tea– This is a herbal or Ayurveda tea that helps in nourishing the exhausted tissues of the mother while giving birth. A recuperating mother from the tissue pains will require this tea everyday for making her tissues stronger. All those mothers who would join their work in just a couple of months after their delivery would also require this tea. This tea helps in the proper building of the tissues, post-pregnancy. Such a herbal remedy is seldom found in any other medicinal therapy.
Oil massage– It is highly recommended that the mothers massage the baby with a herbal oil, a few months after the baby is born. Generally, a baby’s skin is so sensitive that practically no oil suits the body even after six months of the newborn. However, certain Ayurveda oils due to the high quality of herbs in it, help the baby skin to evolve and give their soft skin a protective coating. The Ayurveda oil is also equally good for the mother. The mothers can massage their body with this oil to get rid of stretch marks and repair their injured tissues over time. During the delivery, the tissues of the lower back area of the mothers get affected directly. The bones of that area are also affected and many times, even strong medicine doses can’t help in recovering. Here, Ayurveda can help by inducing a natural healing process.

We provide all the latest and traditional Ayurvedic treatments. If you stay in Trivandrum and you are a mother of a newborn, you should definitely book a consultancy with any of our Ayurvedic doctors. The consultancy fee is very reasonable and you will get to know about the dietary and other plans to be made during this postnatal period. Obesity is as earlier mentioned one of the alarming problems of the mothers of newborns. In this hospital, there are programs for reduction of obesity, and the excess tummy fat that is gained post the delivery. Some of the treatments provided by this hospital hail from a legacy of thousands of years in our country.



I would like to conclude that Ayurveda had done wonders in many sorts of diseases, where a lot of other medicinal therapies could do little. Therefore, it has a lot of significance in postnatal care as well. The only thing that the mothers need to do is follow the regimen that is provided by the doctors of any Ayurveda hospital or nursing home. Along with this regimen, you will also have to follow a healthy diet. This diet can also be prepared by the Ayurveda consultants of a hospital. One thing you should keep in mind is that Ayurveda has a legacy of over 5000 years. So, Ayurveda can treat a problem from the root cause of it. However, you need to provide the required time for that treatment and should not expect any overnight magical solution.

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