Looking for the top Ayurvedic secrets to glowing skin? Then you should know much about skin type and its unique traits. Your skin is the largest and complex organ that changes continually throughout your growth, depending on your lifestyle, age, diet and several other factors. As skin is the very first thing people notice about you and gives signs of your overall health, it needs much care and attention like any other organs in the human body. If you are suffering from some sort of skin issues, definitely it is a signal of your deeper imbalances. So, from now onwards stop torturing your skin with chemicals and synthetic makeup products. Instead, switch to the Ayurveda, the 5000-year old system of natural healing to get a healthy and glowing skin. Trying Ayurvedic treatment for skin disease will help to get rid of your deep-rooted skin isses

According to Ayurvedic experts, your skin issues are mainly due to the imbalance of the ‘tri doshas’ or three humors. Hence, surface treatments alone won’t be enough to eradicate skin problems. Changes in diet and lifestyle is very much essential to eliminate skin issues like pimples or acne, dry skin, etc. Following Ayurvedic routines, your dream for a glowing skin can be easily achieved and you too can flaunt healthy and radiant skin that draws everyone’s attention.

Know your Skin for its Health

Ever thought of what happens to the things you put on your skin? Believe it or not, the creams, synthetic oils, powder and each item you apply on your skin are actually eaten up. Skin is like our stomach. It consumes and digests everything that you dab topically. So, whatever you apply, be careful. It’s not about just synthetic beauty care products, the food, drinks, and emotions all you take enters your body and affect your physiology also. Apart from this, the toxic environment around us pollute our skin and we take in these toxins knowingly or unknowingly through the air, water and food. This makes our body and mind lethargic, making our immune system vulnerable. It also causes an imbalance in our body humors and creates a lot of issues including digestive problems, weakness, inflammation, body pain and skin infections.

The Ayurvedic Perspective

Ayurveda has a force of natural healing that can cure many kinds of skin diseases. As per Ayurveda, Pitta dosha is responsible for metabolism, digestion, transformation and providing colour to your skin. Aggravated pitta dosha can create an imbalance in the internal functioning occurs and this affects the skin badly. The pores on our skin get blocked with impurities thus making it impossible for the skin to breathe. Our skin has the power to repair and replenish itself. The skin also follows a detoxification pathway through sweating. Skin issues like acne, eczema or rashes occur when the skin tries to get rid of metabolic toxins from the blood. In Ayurvedic treatment for skin disease, the medication starts only after finding the root cause of the disease. If the disease is deep-seated, it is hard to eliminate the issue rapidly. Ayurvedic skin treatments usually take a couple of weeks to eradicate the indications, but the cure will be permanent.

Keep your Liver Robust for Healthy Skin

Liver, the largest internal organ in the human body detoxifies our blood. It cleanses our blood and ensures that the toxins are safely removed from the blood. Liver plays a crucial role in keeping what is required to nourish our body and eliminating anything that is not. When your liver functions slow down by poor diet, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and chemicals in your make up products, the liver cannot function properly. Too much load on the liver leads to accumulation of toxins and circulation of impurities through the blood causing skin problems like acne, psoriasis, warts, eczema, rashes etc. If you have a healthy liver with clean blood that is free of toxins, your skin will glow like flowers. Ayurvedic treatments helps to detoxify your blood and rejuvenate the whole body cleansing all the impurities from your body.

Importance of Ayurvedic Detoxification

Ayurveda prescribes us to detoxify our body and mind to keep our skin healthy. According to Ayurveda, there is a distinct relationship between the brain and skin. If you are emotionally disturbed, that will reflect on your skin in the form of a rash, acne or eczema. So, it is very much important to be happy for a glowing skin. Ayurvedic treatments like Abhyanga-warm herbal oil massage, exfoliating scrubs, Swedanam or steam bath stimulates the lymphatic system and proper circulation. These treatments enhance lymphatic cells, remove dead cells and boost immunity. Oil enemas are also helpful to calm down the nervous system and alleviate dry skin. Hindusthan Ayurvedic, one of the leading Ayurveda hospitals in Trivandrum, Kerala provides several herbal treatments to improve your skin and relieve the stiffness, relax the muscles and re-hydrate dry skin.

Tips for Glowing Skin:

  • Follow a high-fibre diet
  • Drink hot water with lemon
  • Eat organic, fresh food for proper digestion
  • Drink herbal tea to detox your body
  • Liquid fast once a month
  • Drink aloe vera juice that helps cleanse the liver, blood and skin
  • Do Ayurvedic massage with warm herbal oil.
  • Get Panchakarma treatment from an Ayurvedic expert
  • Steam bath or face steaming to open up your skin pores

The same way, pay attention to the food you have and what all you put onto your skin. Try to choose natural ingredients for your skin to get ingested and assimilated properly. Above all, get seasonal detoxification treatment from your favourite Ayurvedic hospital for radiant skin throughout the year.

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