Ulcer/Ulcerative Colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease in which the inner lining of the colon and rectum gets ulcerated. It is one of those diseases that don’t have a permanent solution whether surgical or medicinal. Initially, the inflammation begins in the rectum and then it moves upwards the GI Tract and spreads to the entire colon. Ulcerative Colitis can occur in people of any age, but the majority of cases have been reported in between 15 to 40 years. The disease also runs in some families. Find all about the Ayurvedic treatment for ulcerative colitis; details on the various techniques and medicines that are administered and learn why the Ayurvedic treatment for ulcerative colitis is the best.

Ulcer – Causes and Other Basics:

  • The disease can onset by many things such as the autoimmune factors; food allergies, genetic factors, collagen disorders and of course the general infection.
  • The Classic Ayurvedic Texts mention that the disease is caused by all the factors that cause an imbalance in the Pitta; such as:
    • Eating and watching TV or eating while walking
    • Excessive smoking
    • Excessive mental activity
    • Excessive heat or sun exposure
    • Skipping meals
    • Excessive alcohol consumption
    • Ingesting spicy, sour and infected foods
  • Thus, the lifestyle changes play an important role in the Ayurvedic treatment for ulcer. Once the infection has set in, the person experiences severe discomfort and various other symptoms which are mentioned in the following section.

Ayurvedic treatment for ulcer – Diagnosing the Symptoms:

  • The ulcer symptoms that have been mentioned in the Classic Ayurvedic Texts are as follows:
    • Irregular Bowel Movements
    • Cramps in the Abdomen
    • Yellowish or blue coloured undigested bowel (stool)
    • Fatigue that just doesn’t go away and cannot be correlated to any particular thing
    • Unpleasant Body odour
    • Lack of appetite
    • Rectal pain that might be occasional or frequent
    • Weight loss
    • Burning Sensation in the throat and chest
    • Though the patient might find these symptoms very generic, the ulcerative colitis has a very distinctive set of peculiarities that will not go unnoticed.


  • Name of the disease in Aryuveda: Pittaja Grahani
  • Caused by: Pitta Dosha with varying degrees of Vata Dosha in some cases
  • Root Cause: Eating Pitta aggravating foods in excessive amounts
  • Tissues Affected: Rakta Dhatu (Blood Tissue) and Mansa Dhatu (Muscle Tissue)
  • The Agent that causes disease: Ama that is generated when the blood and muscle tissue is affected. It gets deposited in the villi of the intestine and forms a smooth coating over it gradually. Hence, the normal functioning of the intestine is disturbed and the health of the intestinal tissue is endangered as well. This is how the infection sets in.
  • Once the infection has started, the Vata Dosha will occur in the lower intestinal region and blocks the Kapha and Pitta channels of the human body. The inflammation, mucous and oedema are the results of this blockage.

Ayurvedic treatment for ulcer – Treatment Plan and Steps:

  • The Ayurvedic treatment for ulcerative colitis will begin with the lifestyle changes and eliminating the ama slowly and gradually to restore the intestinal villi and their health. This cures the digestion impairment due to the disease and restores the healthy bacteria in the colon.
  • Once the system gets strengthened, the body and the GI Tract gain the immunity and the next step of the Ayurvedic treatment for ulcerative colitis begins.
  • In this step, the ulcers are treated naturally or with the administration of the herbal formulations and medicines; depending on the disease the extent.

Ayurvedic treatment for ulcer – Dietary and Lifestyle Changes:

  • The Classic Ayurvedic Texts mention that all the diseases originate in the stomach region. Ingesting wrongly; eating wrong food; at wrong times; eating very large portions; eating imbalanced food; consuming non-edible or the abhakshya padartha and all the other improper eating habits lead to diseases or maladies; be it any part of the human body.
  • Hence, the Ayurvedic treatment for ulcer begins with changes in the diet and lifestyle. The Ayurvedic Practitioner will check the disease, Prakriti of the patient body; extent of the disease and various other things to first design a suitable diet plan and lifestyle change plan.
  • Some of the items that are generally mentioned in the diet chart of the Ayurvedic treatment for ulcerative colitis are:
    • Split Gram Soup (Split Lentils)
    • Buttermilk (Skimmed milk and Goat Milk)
    • Yoghurt (Skimmed milk and Goat Milk)
    • Cumin seeds
    • Coriander
    • Celery seeds
  • Food items that are NOT to be taken during the period of treatment are:
    • Whole Beans and Peas
    • Potato
    • Garlic
    • Jiggery
    • Yam
    • Broccoli
    • Sweet potato
    • Fried foods
    • Oily and heavily salted foods
    • Packaged foods
    • Fermented foods
    • Alcohol
    • Tea and Coffee
  • Lifestyle modifications that are recommended to the patients undergoing Ayurvedic Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis are:
    • Eating food in calm surroundings without TV or walking
    • Eating without listening to the music
    • Eating without using the computer
    • Proper chewing of food
    • Complete chewing of food and avoiding big morsels
    • Stop eating before you are completely full
    • Avoiding artificial beverages and flavours

Ayurvedic Treatment for Ulcer – Remedies and Medicines:

  • If the disease has been diagnosed at an early stage only, then the patient can take some home remedies such as 1 glass of buttermilk with ¼ teaspoon of turmeric powder, roasted cumin and rock salt. Taking this in lunch and breakfast will surely provide relief.
  • The proper Ayurvedic Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis will also comprise of some medicines such as:
    • Kutazghan Vati
    • Vatsakadi Churna
    • Arjuna Capsules
    • Nagakesara
    • Lodhara
    • Musta
    • Udambara Kvath etc.

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