Ayurveda is a genre of medical treatment that has the answer for so many diseases. Back pain, either of the joints or of the muscles, is common in the citizens of our country. This pain is mostly seen in those people who work more than 6-7 hours at a stretch on the computers. Therefore, one may find a lot of young and ambitious MNC workers, especially working on software development complaining about chronic back pain. Similarly, such complaints come a lot from the housewives. They have to work long hours without being able to take rest properly. Naturally, they too complain of severe back pain at a very early stage of life. Doctors too have found that chronic pain is nowadays found among the young generation as in the older generation. Ayurveda has some very effective treatment mechanisms for this. Let us have a look at the ayurvedic treatments for chronic back pain relief below.


Massage- Ayurveda massage is also called snehana. This is basically an oil massage. The doctors or specialists of Ayurveda can prescribe you the oils which are used in the massage. Sometimes these oils are prepared by more than one rare herbs. There are Ayurveda clinics where these massages are provided. There is one mistake that is committed by many of the patients. Although they are recommended by the doctors to take the massage for around 3-6 months, the patients discontinue the massage after a very short time, say 8-10 days. Then they don’t get the intended relief and complain about it. You need to follow the instruction of the Ayurveda doctor as they give it to you. If they tell you to continue the treatment for 1 year, then that is what you have to do, in order to never visit the clinic again complaining about the back problems.


Ayurveda Acupuncture- Although this term has recently gained the attention of professional nurse and doctors, Ayurveda Acupuncture is a very ancient therapy. The pressure points of the human body is called the Marma areas in Ayurveda. Ayurveda Acupuncture is the application of touch therapy and acupuncture therapy to treat the joint pains in a side effect free technique. In some medical treatment procedures, for example, allopathy pain killers are used to reduce the back pain instantly. But, this has a lot of evil side effects which may include problems related to stomach and kidney. Therefore, it will be wiser to try Ayurveda acupuncture which has no such bad side effects.

Balance Diet- Ayurveda practitioners can plan your diet in such a way, that your back pain will go away. Not only this, if you follow the diet chart all your life, you will never complain about back pain again. Ayurveda recommends consumption of hot food(not too hot though) to avoid back pain. Cooking with an ample amount of turmeric and garlic also helps in overcoming the pain. The books on Ayurveda also prohibits drinking cold fluids or consumption of too much spicy food.

Mild Asanas- You need to perform some mild asanas in order to keep your joints flexible. Your doctor will recommend some good knee exercises and some good asanas in order to fight back pain. Try to do them frequently(that is, as per the frequency prescribed by the doctors). Try to start your morning with such asanas and end your day too. Initially, you should keep a fitness instructor at home to check how well you are doing the asanas. Remember that if you do it in the wrong manner, your muscles and ligaments will get hurt and you won’t get the benefits of Ayurveda. Therefore, follow the instructions properly, before practicing the asanas on your own at your home.

Ayurveda medicines- Ayurveda medicines for treating back pain contain one or more of these few herbs and spices, namely, turmeric, garlic, ashwagandha, fenugreek, ginger, eucalyptus, etc. You should not rush to an Ayurveda medical store after reading this article to fetch Ayurveda medicines. That is because not all herb or spice is for everybody. Some people might be allergic to eucalyptus, or some may not like garlic. Therefore, the advice of a professional Ayurveda doctor, regarding the medicine type and the dosage. Some of these medicines can be prepared at home. This also requires the instructions of an Ayurveda practitioner.

To conclude, you should remember that chronic back pain keeps coming back if you just take medicines and not do the asanas or keep a balanced diet for the rest of your life. You may think that consuming painkillers will be your easy way out. That really could be a way, if you can deal with the evil side effects all your life. If you want a healthy and active life, even in your older age, then in order to solve the problem it is advised to check out the ayurvedic treatment for chronic back pain. One word of recommendation is that always contact a reputed Ayurveda clinic or a doctor to know the right treatment and medicine for you.

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