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Hindusthan Ayurvedic, an authentic Ayurveda hospital in Trivandrum, Kerala follows a holistic approach to bring the best of natural healing power using the traditional Ayurvedic treatments combined with modern therapeutic techniques.

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Authentic Ayurveda Hospital in Trivandrum

Hindusthan Ayurvedic is one among the best Ayurveda Hospitals in Trivandrum, Kerala providing traditional and authentic Ayurvedic treatments. Since 2011 we have been running a successive Ayurvedic Panchakarma hospital at Kollam and recently we established our new clinic for Ayurvedic Treatments in Trivandrum, Kerala with all the modern facilities which make us one of it’s kind among Ayurveda Hospitals in Kerala. We are located at the heart of the Trivandrum city with all facilities, hygienic environment and serene atmosphere, mainly focusing on Traditional Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatments for most of the health-related issues. We have an experienced panel of doctors for consultation and treatments in our Ayurvedic clinic. 

Treatments, Ayurvedic Way

Ayurveda, considered to be one of the well-documented ancient systems of medicine, has its roots in the Indian subcontinent. It continues to be relevant even in these modern times because the holistic approach it takes when it comes to treating diseases. Believed to be passed on by Lord Dhanvantari to the Sages, the 5,000 years old system of medicine has laid down treatment instructions for almost all kinds of diseases on this planet. Ayurveda, which evolved from centuries-old Vedic scriptures, has deep historical roots as well as a proven scientific background. According to Ayurveda, the imbalance of the three elements Vata, Kapha, and Pitta is considered to the root cause of diseases in the human body. At Hindusthan Ayurvedic we aim at the total restoration of the balance of this tri-doshas. Below are some of the Ayurvedic treatment plans that are widely appreciated by our domestic as well as foreign patients. Listed as one of the top Ayurveda hospitals in Trivandrum, we are proud to serve a lot of patients from foreign countries who seek medical support for some of the diseases mentioned below. 

Get rid of psorias with Ayurvedic treatment
Slip disc treatment in Ayurveda

Cure Infertility with Treatment in Ayurveda

Get rid of obesity through Ayurveda
Autism treatment in Ayurveda for developmental disorders
Ayurveda for complete health care

Traditional Ayurvedic Treatments 

Ayurveda is a traditional medical therapeutic system, which has evolved through a lot of research over the past several centuries. As a science and oldest medical system, it not only helps in managing diseases but also has its own unique way of healthy living to prevent diseases. Interestingly, this traditional wing of medicine has the ability to treat many chronic diseases such as, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, and psoriasis, which are completely incurable in modern medicine. To attain a healthy life, Ayurveda gives equal importance for mental, spiritual, emotional and intellectual health, along with physical health. That is why, we at Hindusthan Ayurvedic, brings you a holistic treatment plan which combines all aspects of health. Hindusthan Ayurvedic Hospital in Trivandrum is set up with the professed mission of providing the best Ayurveda treatments in Kerala for both Indians and foreigners alike. Using the 5000-year-old natural healing system of Ayurveda, we help people lead a healthy and balanced life avoiding the complicated surgeries and heavy-dose drugs.



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Client Testimonials



“I am indeed happy with Hindusthan Ayurvedic. They provide the best treatment for the slipped disc.
thumb_02_60_60Sharma S


“A big thanks to Hindusthan Ayurvedic . Now, I can live my life to the fullest. I am no more a Rheumatoid arthritis patient. A big thanks to the doctors and the staff at Hindusthan.”
thumb_03_60_60Joy Mathew


“I have been searching for Ayurveda hospitals in Trivandrum for the best treatment for my asthma. I can for sure say that Hindusthan Ayurvedic is the best Ayurvedic hospital, as it has cured my chronic asthma. ”

At Hindusthan Ayurvedic, we believe in providing holistic treatment, and we strive to keep the legacy of Ayurveda that had been passed down to generations from our ancestors. We take pride in the fact that we are the best Ayurveda hospital in Trivandrum. Equipped with professional doctors and well-trained staff, being the best panchakarma hospital in Trivandrum is not an easy hurdle. Dedication, selfless service and many other factors contribute to the success of the services we offer.

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